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I LOVE THIS APP! But one thing. Can you add a part where you can make your own dimension? I thought you could do that when you beat the game but it didnt.

This game is AWESOME

If you like puzzle platformers and exploration games you will love this game.


Fun storyline, just a great overall game.

Great game but...

Are you ever going to make the vvvvvv editor for mobile? That would be epic!

Not working anymore

This is one of the best game Ive played. Sadly it does not work anymore, after the loading screen, it turn black. I hope there will be a fix. It is one of the few game I paid full price on my phone, I would be sad if I couldnt play it anymore

Veni Vidi Vici

The only mobile game I ever recommend to my friends. You havent lived until youve died for the 757th time and thrown your phone across the room in frustration. Get it. 11/10

Twitch Platformer for Masochists

Personally, I spent 4h 45m with the game practically in a single sitting. It drew me in and kept my attention extremely well. That said, the game wasnt great for my sanity. Some of the rooms are designed in such a way that after solving them, youll know you hate yourself for putting yourself through some torture for a shiny that seems to only unlock chip tunes. If V stands for death, the title of this game would be die die die die die die. The game claims I died 2600 times in 4.75 hours. The title of the game is a representation of the games worst enemy, the spikes, and also represents the manner in which you traverse the levels: Down up down up down up. Id recommend the game if you like platformers and puzzles and you hate yourself. I couldnt put it down, but a significant portion of the game was frustration with only a short lived payoff of satisfaction.

needs level editor

the pc and 3ds versions of the game have it, so why shouldent this version?


Awesome game. Very very frustrating. But if you keep on trying you will eventually beat it. I beat it after dying like 2000 times. Very fun if you never give up. Worth the money!

Incredible kind of frustrating

Amazing game enough to keep you busy for few days if you want to finish the hole thing; it could get very frustrating but it gets challenging as far as you go. Amazing design an music very old school... Get real you dont need great graphics to enjoy a videogame


I loved this game on the computer, and as most computer games played on ios, its harder to control. I also finished it in a few hours. Still, its super challenging and I love playing it

How do you use play mode

I have beaten the game and i want to know how to use play modes someone please help

Awesome game :)

I personally really enjoyed this game; the graphics are cute, the story is exiting, and its good if you want a bit of a challenge. Thumbs up from me!

6 Stars if I Could

Oh. My. GOD! This has to be the most entertaining and fun game I have ever played. The no death mode is so hard but not so hard that I just rage quit. The music is AMAZING!!!!! The game never gets boring. The fact that you can submit levels made by yourself just makes the game more diverse. The shiny trinkets that you have to find gives the game a better challenge. Keep up the awesome work, my friend.


I once got the game, then beat it. A long time later, I got it again, and beat it. And I LOVED IT BOTH TIMES I GOT IT! There is nothing else to say about it. But, the ending made me want there to be a 2nd game, a sequel. If there is, I will buy it right away!

Grand Game

Great gameplay,Great soundtrack and I only died 161 times on the final challenge so Im a happy camper I recommend to any and all people

The best

This game is awesome!!! You should keep making fun games like this this is a great way to pass time :)


This is an amazing game! I didnt look to it like a platformer, even though thats what it is. This game is WAY to good to just be a platformer. The music in this game though... Just wow! I didnt think it was possible to make music this good for a video game but I was wrong. Magnus Pålsson is amazing at his work as SoulEye.


This game is one of the over 200 games I have. It has so much you have to do, theres lots of obstacles, and you can play levels by other people. If you dont have this game, get it this instant!

Plz delete a part

I cant pass a part of the game plz delete Not As I Do. Its way too hard.

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