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This game is AWESOME

If you like puzzle platformers and exploration games you will love this game.


Fun storyline, just a great overall game.


I LOVE THIS APP! But one thing. Can you add a part where you can make your own dimension? I thought you could do that when you beat the game but it didnt.


Im a big fan of VVVVVV. I played it for hours and hours on my computer, and was super excited about the iOS version coming. But... Seriously... The game doesnt fill the entire screen on a 4" device! And the graphics are also blurry! I understand the difficulty behind for 4" devices, because it would need a redesign of all the levels, but dont release a blurry version of a pixel-perfect game please :(

Fix the blurry appearance please!!

Good game but not scale perfectly for iPad mini and blurrish look. Looks cheap but yet expensive...


But blurry on iPad 3, what a pitty for a pixelized game.

Not working anymore

This is one of the best game Ive played. Sadly it does not work anymore, after the loading screen, it turn black. I hope there will be a fix. It is one of the few game I paid full price on my phone, I would be sad if I couldnt play it anymore

Finally on iOS!

This game is absolutely one of my favorites ever since it came out for PC. Its worth to buy this just for the soundtrack alone. The touchscreen control schemes work flawlessly. However, I cant listen to anything else while playing, so please add options to turn off game audio / music.


Briefly: The best platformer I ever played. Thank you Terry!


Really enjoyed the PC version but this feels really quickly made, especially since the aspect ratio is horrible

Exceptional game.

My new favourite iOS game. I loved this game to death on PC, and now it has found its way to mobiles. Thank God. No bugs found so far in initial release. I was worried when I heard this was coming to touch devices, as I thought the controls would be hard to use and inprecise. I was wrong. The controls are great. Very good game. If you like platformers, or fun games in general, this is a must buy. As a super fan of Super Hexagon, Terry, if you read this, just to let you know, youre awesome. Keep up the goodwork! P.s I also recommend Super Hexagon. Amazing game.

awesome fun game

Really fun game, provides hours of entertainment :)


please make a super hexagon 2 I would buy it and this game is great and so is dont look back and you are the best dev for mobile games. Dont stop making ports or new games!

Great port of an Amazing Game

Title says it all.

A must have

If youve never played VVVVVV, now is the time to buy and play it! One of the best game of its genre, with absolutely incredible chiptune music PPPPPP. I am playing this great game for the second time while enjoying the new metal version of the music, MMMMMM. If youre looking for an original gameplay mechanic and love difficult challenges, get the game nOOOOOOw!!!


the graphics on this port are lousy. way blurry compared to the pc version. too bad, since the game rules.

Does not work

Says its loading then crashes. :(


Worst game I have ever downloaded. Boring and monotonous and at the same time incredibly frustrating as the controls are jittery and imprecise to the point that the game is essentially unplayable. I seriously question the validity of all these positive reviews - clearly written by the developers.


This game is great! The controls are alright, I dont know what everyone is talking about when they say theyre bad. It would be great if the graphics could be sharpened up a bit and maybe have it so the game fills up the whole screen on iPhone/iPod 5 and newer (but its ok if it doesnt, it doesnt bother me too much.) This game is definitely worth the price. You wont regret buying it!


This game made me poop

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